The Grill from Ipanema

Happy Hour

Served All Day

Fried Polenta / Cheesy Balls / Bananas — 7

Chicken Legs — 7
Served with criolla sauce

Brazilian Sausage — 7
Served with chimichurri and criolla sauce

Epanadas — 7
Your choice of two chicken or beef

Lomito Sandwich — 12
Grilled sirloin, tomatoes, lettuce and onions and fired egg with chimichurri mayo on a bagette, served with fries

Chicken Skewers — 10
Served with mango sauce

Ipanema Burger — 12
1/3 pound beef patty, tomatoes, red pepper, lettuce & chimichurri mayo on a brioche bun, served with fries

One trip to the salad bar — 10

Prawns Sauteed with Garlic Lemon, White Wine — 10
Smoked paprika, crushed red pepper


The National Cocktail of Brazil, Refreshing & Tantalizing! Traditionally muddled with limes, sugar, ice & the authentic sugar cane-derived spirit, Cachaça, enjoy this or one of our variations!

TRADITIONAL — Lime, Sugar, Cachaça

GOSTOSA — Lime, Sugar, Passion Fruit, Cachaça

CAIPIRANGO — Strawberries, Sugar, Cachaça

GOIABA — Lime, Sugar , Guava Juice, Cachaça

BELEZA — Lime, Sugar, Fresh Basil, Cachaça

RED BERRIES — Red berries, Sugar, Cachaça

Medalhão de Alcatra com Bacon - Sirloin Wrapped in Bacon


Santa Julia + Malbec Santa Julia + Cabernet Santa Julia + Pinot Grigio

SANGRIA — House red wine infused with oranges, lemons, apples brandy and cinnamon


Space Nosh IPA
Stella Artois
Mac & Jack’s
Manny’s Pale Ale
Nature Calls IPA

Bud Light
Widmer Hefeweisen
Blue Moon
Palma Louca
Our seasonal beer of choice